BlueStrata Billing and Accounting

Billing and Accounting

BlueStrata Accounting provides a fully integrated solution that streamlines all financial and operational data. With BlueStrata Accounting, your clinical information — Activities of Daily Living, therapy notes, the MDS, and more — is tied directly to your accounting system. An integrated, real–time recording of vital clinical information provides more accurate reimbursements and can help increase revenue.

BlueStrata Billing and Accounting Features

Accounts Receivable/Billing

Our sophisticated software synthesizes complex industry reimbursement policies to detemine proper resident level of care and more accurate rates. BlueStrata provides customized resident statements and claim generation for any period. This feature makes demand bills or discharge billing a quick and easy process. Statements can also be split by type of charge or responsible party. Retroactive adjustments are also easily computed once the resident is approved for a change in pay source. It’s simply a click of a button and the software does all adjustments by billing period with a detailed report for reconciliation and audits. When generating all types of third–party claims you can edit on–the–fly before transmitting.

All aspects of our billing system allow you to expedite the month–end close accurately and efficiently. The month–end period can be opened and all transactions can be reviewed prior to closing the month and posting to the General Ledger.

The month–end reports include:

  • Charge Audit Details Report by payer type and item description.
  • Month–End Journal Report ensures the receivables are balanced prior to closing.
  • A/R Reconciliation Report breaks out the revenue, contractual adjustments, and all cash receipts by pay type.
  • All reports can be printed or exported for further analysis.
  • Resident Trust

    A cash drawer is provided for each Resident to easily track deposits, expenses, and interest earned. BlueStrata also provides a variety of reports to assist with the reconciliation of the resident’s trust activity. Resident trust can be closed monthly or quarterly as defined by the user’s policy.

    General Ledger

    Our General Ledger Offers a detailed Chart of Accounts designed specifically for the long term care industry and is user defined for all default accounts, types, class and departments. General Ledger provides Profit & Loss statements in different formats along with the detailed Balance Sheet and Trial Balance.

  • Detailed account analysis can be viewed or printed.
  • Budget Builder allows for easy calculation and enables users to complete budgets for multiple years.
  • Bank reconciliations can be completed and compared to monthly bank statements for accuracy.
  • Journal Entries can be easily completed for standard, recurring, or auto reversing adjustments.
  • All reports in General Ledger can be saved in a PDF file or exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • Accounts Payable

    Our accounts payable system allows for more accurate cash flow with invoice management and payment processing. We help you manage your payable process from invoice receipt to approval and payment. We also provide built-in controls and an autopay option for your recurring payments. Payables also offers reports to assist with cash management by department and calculates the variance to your budget.


    Our collections portion of the software helps you streamline your receivables and better manage your collections process. Now you can easily monitor your receivables and view aging reports showing 30, 60, and 90–day outstanding invoices. Monitoring individual past–due resident accounts has never been easier, collection letters can be saved as templates and used for current or future use.


    Design all facility specific forms and letters with our new FastForms! Enables the user to setup templates and save them to be used for all residents. FastForms can also be used for marketing letters and increase census with ongoing communication with interested parties.

    Billing and Accounting Module provides a solution that streamlines all financial and operational data

    • Streamlined

      Create claims for Medicare, Medicaid, Private Pay and Managed Care Organizations

    • Comprehensive

      Comprehensive Financial Product that includes Billing, AR, Collections, Resident Trust, AP and General Ledger

    • Analyze

      Custom Reports for accurate information for government agencies and financial institutions

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    About BlueStrata

    BlueStrata simplifies the way you work, allowing you to provide higher quality care.

    We understand that running a long term care facility can be complex. You want to provide the highest quality of care to the residents but you also need to focus on the financial aspects of running a business.

    What if you had an EHR solution that gave you more time for resident care and helped you maximize profitability? BlueStrata EHR does just that. We streamline your operations so clinical tasks become effortless while ensuring that activities are populated into our accounting and financial software so you receive the maximum reimbursements available.