BlueStrata Core Clinical

Core Clinical

Let’s face it: entering data can be a tedious chore.

BlueStrata not only makes your data entry less prone to error, but also gives you vital intelligence. Since our system is fully integrated, you enter the data once and it is pre-populated across the system. There is no need to add the same information twice.

Harnessing the strength of BlueStrata EHR’s powerful software, the Clinical module automatically turns the data collected in your records into information that will advance resident care, boost productivity, and improve profitability in your facility.

BlueStrata Core Clinical Features

BlueStata ADT and Census

A simple and efficient approach to admissions, discharges and transfers.

The BlueStrata EHR ADT and Census feature is designed to make your admissions, discharge and transfer processes simple, efficient and streamlined, freeing your staff to focus on providing the highest quality resident care. Now you can quickly share the necessary information about a resident with EMTs, doctors and hospitals. The feature also makes use of easy to follow wizards that guide staff members through the workflow associated with ADT ensuring that every procedure is complete and accurate.

Other features include:

  • Accurate census information is readily available based on the actions captured by the staff
  • Protected internal logs which maintain security and integrity of resident data by tracking all changes made to the system
  • Required discharge, leave of absence and transfer documentation that is automatically generated
  • Patient history is retained within the system
  • Customized resident legal documents that may be signed electronically or scanned into the system
  • BlueStrata Care Plan

    The care plan is an essential element of a resident’s care. Providing a road map that includes all the disciplines associated with the resident. Otherwise vital elements of care may be overlooked. The BlueStrata EHR care plan feature assists your staff in completing an accurate, comprehensive and highly individualized plan for each resident.

    The care plan feature simplifies the care-planning process by:

  • Users select a problem statement from a customized list
  • The system then suggests appropriate goals and approaches based on a dynamically updated library
  • Care Area Triggers (CATs) are automatically generated by the system in a response to information entered into the MDS 3.0
  • The workflow guides the staff through the care-planning process
  • The care plan feature also keeps a historical record of a resident’s problems, goals and approaches at all times. The system not only identifies and tracks recurring problems, but also records what has worked previously for specific residents. With this information available, everyone involved with the care of the resident can be reassured they are providing the best possible care.

    BlueStrata Progress Notes

    People that are drawn to work in the long term care industry are driven by their passion to provide the best hands-on care. Documentation can be tedious and seems to get in the way of resident care. Now you have the ability to quickly document information so resident data is up-to-date, accurate and complete.

    BlueStrata's progress notes increases resident focus by:

  • Eliminating paper-based charts
  • Creating a central, secure location for all disciplines to record notes relating to resident care
  • Providing authorized staff instant access to complete, up-to-date resident data
  • Securing notes once they are entered into the system and automatically stamping them with time, date and identity of the author
  • Standardizing templates for selected disciplines
  • Supporting dictation software
  • BlueStrata MDS 3.0

    The BlueStrata MDS feature was created to simplify the process, allowing the user to spend less time collecting data. A comprehensive approach pulls the most recent information from all areas of the software which optimizes the RUG reimbursement rate.

    The BlueStrata MDS feature guides the user by:

  • Maintaining the look of the printed MDS assessment
  • Reminding staff which resident MDS forms are due
  • Making the RAI manual available as an online help function
  • Helping optimize the ARD for a resident’s ADL score
  • Validating responses as they are entered into the system
  • Eliminating the need for additional software to scrub data for validity
  • Calculating Medicare and Medicaid reinbursement levels automatically and pulling them into the billing module
  • Triggering necessary CAA automatically from MDS information
  • Reducing the time it takes to identify conditions that must be monitored and addressed
  • BlueStrata Physician Orders

    Resident safety is of primary importance, it is vital to have a solid procedure for providing clear physician orders. The feature enables the user to easily and quickly enter new orders and

    BlueStrata physician orders feature:

  • Allows the medical practitioner to view any part of the record before issuing an order
  • Automatically date and time-stamps orders, identifies the user entering the order and the location from which the order was entered
  • Enables the physician to document progress notes, re-certifications, lab, and ancillary orders, and view medication results
  • Allows monthly review and approval of all orders electronically and is in full compliance with electronic signature requirements
  • Automatically shares physician order information across all assessments and the MDS 3.0 within the BlueStrata EHR system
  • BlueStrata EHR Clinical turns data into information that boosts productivity and profitability

    • Accurate

      Bi-Directional Interface with POC, eMAR and Billing / Accounting modules to ensure accurate charting at all levels of care.

    • Efficient

      Bi-Directional Interface with Pharmacy ePrescribe software that saves significant nursing hours per month, reduces the potential for medication administration errors and reduces the resident’s / facility’s medication costs

    • Integrated

      Single Census Platform is fully integrated with Billing / Accounting Module ensuring proper communication between Clinical and Accounting Staff. This eliminates the potential for billing for services provided for Residents that could have been transferred or discharged.

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    About BlueStrata

    BlueStrata simplifies the way you work, allowing you to provide higher quality care.

    We understand that running a long term care facility can be complex. You want to provide the highest quality of care to the residents but you also need to focus on the financial aspects of running a business.

    What if you had an EHR solution that gave you more time for resident care and helped you maximize profitability? BlueStrata EHR does just that. We streamline your operations so clinical tasks become effortless while ensuring that activities are populated into our accounting and financial software so you receive the maximum reimbursements available.