BlueStrata eMar

  • Awareness

    Intuitive color–coded alerts and status notifications ensure that your staff is aware of their current orders, and alerts them to late and missed administrations.

  • Better Care

    What we do at BlueStrata is driven by one goal: better resident care. We consider ourselves partners in promoting the well–being of your residents.

  • Real Time

    BlueStrata eMAR guides you through the med pass quickly and safely, while giving authorized users easy access to real–time administration reports for more efficiency.

  • Reimbursement

    Ultimately, tracking provides enhanced documentation for seamless, more complete care reimbursement.

  • Ease of Use

    Our software makes recording order administration simple, allowing your staff to focus on the residents.

  • Tracking

    Managers can use our customizable reports to track order administration and address problems quickly.

BlueStrata Productivity


Our intuitive order administration software improves resident safety and reduces time spent on documentation.

  • User–friendly administration process
  • Medication follow–up reminders
  • Controlled medication inventory
  • Drug interactions checking

BlueStrata Reliability


Our efficient software allows users to more quickly record and complete tasks, resulting in more time for resident care.

  • Lost or disposed medication tracking
  • Vital sign history and recording
  • Full suite of reports
  • Order administration simple, allowing your staff to focus on the residents
BlueStrata Productivity


Nurses and CMTs/CMAs can easily document medications that have been administered for a resident, record vital signs, and note any type of reactions to the medication.

  • Color–coded resident order status
  • Customizable alerts and notifications
  • Controlled medication inventory
  • Routine, PRN, and non–medication orders

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About BlueStrata

BlueStrata simplifies the way you work, allowing you to provide higher quality care.

We understand that running a long term care facility can be complex. You want to provide the highest quality of care to the residents but you also need to focus on the financial aspects of running a business.

What if you had an EHR solution that gave you more time for resident care and helped you maximize profitability? BlueStrata EHR does just that. We streamline your operations so clinical tasks become effortless while ensuring that activities are populated into our accounting and financial software so you receive the maximum reimbursements available.