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Do you want to hear more about why customers pick BlueStrata EHR as their partner? Please don’t just take our word for it, click below to read more about these client’s experience with our staff.


“We interviewed several companies in selecting the right solution for our facilities. After meeting their staff and checking references, it became obvious that BlueStrata took a unique approach in standing behind their customers. They have been a great partner in our business.”

- Mike Kerbs, Nursing Home Administrator


“Our staff was fearful of the pre-work, data entry and learning required to implement a new system but BlueStrata made it easy. They managed the entire process from kickoff to go-live and took a personal interest in getting us up and running.”

- Michael Reeves, Nursing Home Administrator

“As an Administrator, it is usually very challenging to change EMR platforms, as the time, effort and financial resources are high. Most of us do not have extra staff to do everything that needs to be done to switch over to a new program, such as inputting data. One of the nicest surprises our community experienced is that everything Bluestrata said they would do, they did. They were extremely organized and told us exactly what information they needed and when they needed it, then they followed through on time or earlier than expected. The on-site implementation was the smoothest I ever experienced as the team was organized, understanding and literally didn't leave our community until everything was working as it should. When they say we can call about questions any time day or night and get a live person, they mean that, too. The other part of this process all of us are enjoying is the fact that Bluestrata listens to the end user on how the set up could be re-worked to serve our needs more efficiently. Our past program charged us for every help desk phone call we made, for every change they made and they were not customer friendly. We are totally satisfied and want others to experience the Bluestrata difference.”

- KS Administrator


“The team at BlueStrata was very knowledgeable and experienced in Long Term Care. They made sure our team was prepared for a smooth “go-live” kickoff and were quick to offer additional training when the staff requested it. We also really appreciate their quick response in helping to resolve any concerns.”

- June Hicks, Vice President of Clinical Operations


“Working with BlueStrata has been an invaluable partnership for our organization. When I call for support, I know there will be immediate action not matter what day or time.”

- Mark Weible, Regional Director of Operations


“Making the decision to go with BlueStrata has been one of the best decisions we've made. The easy to use product insures we capture the necessary data and complete the required charting. Our clinical staff really likes the work-flow.”

- Nursing Home Administrator


“The billing system and support staff at BlueStrata are unparalleled in the business. It allows us to manage all payor types and is one of the most versatile systems we have worked with over the years.”

- Becky Cebulski, Director of Accounts Receivable

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About BlueStrata

BlueStrata simplifies the way you work, allowing you to provide higher quality care.

We understand that running a long term care facility can be complex. You want to provide the highest quality of care to the residents but you also need to focus on the financial aspects of running a business.

What if you had an EHR solution that gave you more time for resident care and helped you maximize profitability? BlueStrata EHR does just that. We streamline your operations so clinical tasks become effortless while ensuring that activities are populated into our accounting and financial software so you receive the maximum reimbursements available.